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Knowledge Quest has been providing historical and current maps for educational purposes for over a dozen years. As technology advances and educators change their habits, it has become increasingly obvious that it is easier to buy maps one at a time, rather than in whole sets.

We are excited to bring to you – Map Center – where you can search and purchase maps when you need them. No more planning ahead. In 5 minutes or less, you will be able to find and download the map you need when you need it for less than $1. How easy is that?

Follow these steps to find the perfect map:

  1. Type a keyword in the search bar at the top right corner – OR –
  2. Click on one of the Categories to your right just below the search bar.
  3. Choose *Individual or *Group license and add the map to your cart.
  4. Continue shopping or click “checkout” to finalize your order.
  5. Your will receive a download link right away and in a follow-up email.

Optional: Download your free lesson plans here!

You are all set to go!

* Individual license provides you with unlimited use of the map for your own family’s needs.
* Group license provides you with unlimited use of the map for your school, class or co-op.

Ask your questions here or write to: helpdesk@knowledgequestmaps.com.